Reliable machine vision automation

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Precise and non-contact measurements

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Neuronová síť a umělá inteligence

Neural networks and Deep learning

and artificial intelligence

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Spolehlivé třídění produktů

Reliable product sorting

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Kamerové navádění robotu

Precise robot camera guidance

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Our services

Automation of quality control and non-contact measurement using industrial cameras and machine vision.
We can handle even very difficult problems using neural networks and artificial intelligence.


We offer two types of cooperation, the choice is yours.

Turnkey quality control

We will provide you with a camera system in all aspects: equipment, software and integration into existing or new equipment. You will receive a functional and reliable turnkey solution.

Kompletní automatizace

Zajistíme pro Vás i kompletní automatizaci výroby. Navrhneme a zprovozníme montážní pracoviště s kamerovou kontrolou, jednoúčelový stroj nebo robotické pracoviště.

For machine manufacturers

With our help, your machines will keep pace with Industry 4.0 and ensure 100% quality control of every piece.


We can help you automate quality control with industrial cameras, thanks to non-contact, highly accurate and fast measurement.


We integrate cameras and inspection systems even in simple manual assembly stations, the part does not leave the workplace until it is correctly assembled.


Together, we can integrate camera vision into your machine from the design stage. We will perform the commissioning at your site, but we will also be happy to travel to the customer's site to hand over the machine.

For manufacturing companies

With our quality control, you won't miss a defective piece.


We will reduce your quality control costs by completely automating the process and checking every piece. Complaints from customers will drop to a minimum.


Easily monitor the assembly process and sequence of operations in real time.


Easily analyze and optimize assembly movements to reduce cycle time and maximize productivity without the need for personal observation of operators.

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