Non-contact dimensional measurement

With the increasing resolution of modern camera sensors and their decreasing cost, optical dimension measurement is becoming an increasingly popular quality control task. Optical measurement using industrial cameras and a suitably selected optical system allows any number of product dimensions to be checked within a short space of time. Advanced image processing, allowing the adaptation of the measuring functions to the actual position of the object to be measured, offers measurements with accuracy up to 0.01 mm

Before After MeasuringBeforeMeasuring 1

In the case of precise measurements to check tolerances, the preparation of the camera scene is crucial. The time and effort devoted to the correct selection of the individual components will then pay off in the overall accuracy and reliability of the measurement. The issue of accuracy in optical measurements is a little more complex than in the case of contact measurements. It is not just a matter of knowing the resolution of the camera and the size of the scene to be imaged, which determines how many whole image pixels per unit of the measured dimension (e.g. millimetre). It always depends on the method and quality of the representation of the measured edges of the object, especially the quality of the transition between the foreground (measured object) and the background. 

The more pronounced the transition is, the more accurately the image processing algorithms are able to locate the measured edges and thus determine the exact dimension of the object. Since the mathematical calculation behind the determination of the position of the edges is hidden in the result, we get a resolution that can be up to 50 times higher than the physical resolution of the camera used. 

We take all of the above aspects and many more into account when designing each of your applications to ensure maximum reliability of the delivered solution. 

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