Product completeness check

Camera inspection of parts for completeness is used across all industries.  Even over a fast moving conveyor belt, the camera system can check that the product contains all components in the right place and to the required quality.

Through continuous quality control, completeness checking systems enables manufacturing companies to save costs unnecessarily spent on complaints by detecting incorrectly assembled or incomplete products.


Camera inspection of part completeness helps you eliminate operator error, does not get tired, has clearly defined tolerances, which you can also easily adjust on the monitor according to your needs.

The completeness check consists of individual partial checks (shape check, dimension measurement, detection of the presence of individual parts, colour and many others), which the machine vision system evaluates as a whole and checks whether the product is assembled accurately and from quality components according to the customer's requirements.

The number of controlled product types, or recipes, can be created in any number and can be switched between manually or automatically, depending only on your specific ideas and requirements.

Completeness check of a steering wheel assembly

A car's steering wheel is made up of many individual parts and since it is a part of the car that we are constantly looking at, the visual quality is extremely important. Camera inspection checks the sequential assembly of the individual parts, which ensures the elimination of unnecessary complaints and traceability in the image database of a particular piece. 

Since this is a sequential assembly, the next step in the automated process will not be allowed until the camera system is sure that the previous component has been inserted in the right place and achieves the required quality. The degree of certainty can be changed over time as desired, directly on the monitor using an intuitive interface. Once the next step is enabled the camera system automatically switches the inspection program and continues with the prescribed recipe to check the next part. On the final form of the folded steering wheel, the camera system checks: the presence of stitching, the correct button prints, the covering material and the colour of the platen accessories.

Before After Kamerová kontrola kompletnostiKamerový systém pro kontrolu kompletnosti dílu

Camera check of clutch assembly

With a camera clutch inspection system, all details and small parts need to be checked. Precise camera measurements of the outer and inner lining were also used on this application. The cameras monitored the rivet seating, presence of springs, overall shape and many other details without which the clutch slat would not function 100% and could lead to unnecessary complaints and additional costs.

Before After Kamerová kontrola kompletnosti spojkyKamerová kontrola kompletnosti spojky

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