Object sorting

Camera systems are also used for automatic sorting of products. The sorting can be based on the type of product: colour, logo, shape, size and many other parameters on the basis of which we sort the incoming inspected parts into the individual sections where they belong. We can also sort products on the basis of quality - checking the quality of surfaces, colour quality, printing, machining quality, dimensional measurements and much more.

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Camera control in the brewery

Randomly oriented bottles riding on a conveyor belt. Each bottle must be checked for the presence of a print, which is not always ideally oriented to the camera system.  The camera system sorts the bottles according to the beer label - if it is a 10° or 12° beer.  Each bottle is detected by the industrial camera, which automatically calculates the bottle coordinate system, by which it orients the quality control and locates the bottle neck. Here, it detects the filling of the bottle to prevent conditional beer from reaching the customer. For this application, extensions such as cap color detection, expiration check, print quality and many more are possible. 

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